Here are a few suggestions to make the alterations process go smoothly:

Pick out accessories

Decide which jewels and headpiece/veils you’ll wear before the first fitting, if possible. That way, you can see your complete bridal look and have time to make adjustments if it doesn’t come together quite the way you imagined.

Purchase undergarments

Your foundation is extremely important and affects the look and fit of the gown. Some gowns require a full corset, where others may only need a strapless bra. Confused? Ask your tailor. And, if you’re wearing a fitted gown, opt for unmentionables that won’t give you visible lines.

Find your shoes

Bring your chosen heels or flats to your first fitting. If you don’t have shoes, it’s nearly impossible for the tailor to begin the alterations and find the right length. If you feel like you won’t be able to last the night in sky-high heels, don’t wear them. If your gown is hemmed for stilettos, it will drag on the floor and get dirty if you change into flats or decide to go barefoot halfway through the reception. (Not to mention you could trip!)

Bring a bustle buddy

Whether it’s a stylist, a maid of honor, or mom, make sure someone who is attending your wedding knows how to bustle your gown. Ask the tailor which fitting they should come to, then recommend that the lucky guest bring a camera or phone to take a video. She should record the tailor reciting the steps as she bustles the dress and then practice a few times.

In the end, it’s all about the fit.

No matter what your budget, it’s really worth it to invest in a skilled alterations seamstress. A dress that fits you beautifully will always look flawless.








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