Three Graces Bridal


Three Graces Bridal is dedicated to honoring the unique vision of every bride. Owner Pauline Jayne combines genuine warmth with a pliable sense of style to facilitate — not steer — the bride’s choice. Pauline and her staff show the bride how a neckline can highlight facial shape, or how variations of ivory and white can be a woman’s friend or foe. The process is a gentle pairing of personal vision and skilled guidance, resulting in a confident, happy bride.

Our Vision


Often, Pauline tells her brides to think about how they want to be remembered on their wedding day — by their partner, family, children and great-grandchildren. Some brides are fashionable and want to be recalled as such. Others want to leave an impression of timelessness. “I have no business changing their thinking,” she says, “but I can guide them according to their self-image.”
As one happy bride said to Pauline, “Our wedding will be elegant because you dressed me.”

Our Team

After searching everywhere for products that were both affordable and high-quality, our CEO decided to try something new: provide customers with unique and beautiful products that people could actually afford. We started out with a few employees, one collection, and a lot of passion. And we learned that’s all it takes to start something extraordinary.